KeeL app

KeeL is the app that allows you to practice any language with native speakers from any country.

You can register as a student, teacher or both.

Download Keel and learn or perfect a new language anytime and anywhere.

Students & Teachers

Register as a student

and choose the languages you want to improve

As a student you will have the ability to learn and practice any language with the native people of the country’s language you are interested in.

Register as a teacher

of all languages that you are fluent in

Enjoy the satisfaction of helping someone become fluent in the language you know while earning money for your expertise.

Class pricing

Earn money

Everyone who is fluent in a language can teach that language in KeeL.

Enjoy the satisfaction of helping someone become proficient in the language that you are fluent in while earning 10 euros per hour without leaving the comfort of your home.

The beauty of this app is that you can work form anywhere by just downloading the app. Information is the most important commodity in the world and the expertise that you have is worth money. This app will allow you to earn money for the expertise that you already have and help others improve new language. Download Now!!!


Download KeeL from the markets and start speaking any language with native people from countries around the world.

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